Thursday, 10 June 2010

Ah, bliss

It was warm, you know, and sunny, and above all, dry!  It was quiet, and peaceful, and I did a spot of bird-watching...

and a spot of garden watching...

and a spot of dog-watching...

This is Gus.  He's very funny, sitting right in front of the fire, even though he has a mat only 5 feet away from the fire.  He's just small enough to fit there, and Jarrah, who's the other Dog of the House, is very jealous, but too big to fit right there!

Note the big chunks of wood?  That's Jarrah.  People like me pay lots of money to have beautiful furniture made out of this wood, my kitchen bench in particular...

(Please excuse the mess but you get the idea) and over in the West, they burn it.  Amazing.

What else?  A nice lunch out here, a spot of sewing (pictures to come, I promise), and a spot of fabric shopping.  I feel very relaxed.  Well, I did till Tuesday, when the madness started again... however, only one more day of whining from me, and it's all over, back to 'normal'.  Can't wait, I have to say!

When I finally unpack the sewing I did in Perth, I'll post some pics.  And in the interim, I collected this from the post office this morning, from here:

Bias Tape Pink Floral Cotton and Lace Double Fold

and this:

Bias Tape - Green Floral Cotton and Lace Double Fold

I can't wait to trim something!


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  1. Well here's a shocker, the bottom pic of the blue and GREEN one is my favourite ;-)

    Glad to hear you had a nice break. Hope you can retain your bliss through til the new work sit' happens.



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