Sunday, 11 July 2010

Just for the Peppermint Penguin

This is what the seam in the lining of the boot bags looks like when finished:

Not too shabby, methinks.  You can't even tell where the turning hole was, and I guess that's all good!

It's Sunday morning, Mr G is wrestling with the washing machine (our 17 yo Hoover Electra 540) & I'm still in my PJ's, trying to find some inspiration.  I've been through all the whiz-bang new sewing books I own (you know, '999 reasons to sew again', 'I've reinvented the spinning wheel and you should all be grateful', and my all time favourite, '300 ugly and useless things to make with little or no fabric' and I can't find anything I really want to make.  

I've knitted scarfs, gloves, jumpers, cardigans, lace, beanies, neckwarmers and suits for dolls. I've embroidered tray cloths, cushions, samplers, collars and Christmas decorations.  I've cross-stitched samplers, bell-pulls, nifty little bags, pin cushions, hand-towels and bibs for babies.  I've mastered the fully lined box pouch, the zippered flat pouch, the boxed bottom make-up bag and the pencil case, I've made felt dogs and fabric dogs galore, I've made birds from that lovely and oft-stolen pattern from Spool Sewing, boot bags, shoe bags, lingerie bags and lavender bags, aforementioned Christmas decorations and far too many frogs to even discuss, and I want a challenge!   



  1. Thanks!

    Have you tried any of NicoleM's bag patterns? Have you tried making a hat? (she has a couple of those too!)

    Full on padded laptop bag - you know with acutal foad padding. I don't imagine this would be fun to insert, but you did say you wanted a challenge.

    Embroidery... drawn threadwork. Whitework (or some other colour of tone-on-tone.

    But for a real design challenge:

    De-naffing the naff. 300 not ugly things, of some use, to make out of not very much fabric: The Isabella Golightly Edition.

    Or the classic Ugly Fabric Challenge. Go to your LQS and buy the most unloved thing at the bottom of the bargain bin and then Make it Shine.

    That do?

    (whose fancy pants Pfaff Overlocker has to to hospital, neither the 'medical' bill or the time away will be fun)

  2. I suppose making me a man is out of the question?

  3. Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails? Easy.


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