Sunday, 19 September 2010

What a day...

Well, after all that, we didn't end up going.  Deb went to the Rugby on the Saturday night, and we went out to dinner with friends.  She rang me at 10.30am to say, in a very small voice, that she had just woken up, with a hangover, and did I mind very much if we didn't go?  Well, frankly, I didn't mind at all... 

I stayed at home & pottered... herewith:

and we found this in the garden today:

when we first bought this house, there was a hideous pink fibro shed in the backyard... when we demolished it, we moved a bunch of pots with 'things' in them from out the front - that was back in 2001, and this surprised us today - I have no idea if it's ever flowered before, it was just up the back by the fence, but the flowers are so beautiful that I had to bring it a bit closer to the house so I can see it:

I also made a pouch from a pattern from here, which is quite a nice shape:

Rosy Posy Make-Up Bag

those of you who know me will know that I would never choose anything quite so pink... mine is actually made from this:

and lined with this:

and I'm going to keep making them until I perfect the pattern - the instructions are a bit vague about how to stitch up the sides and keep the zip end covers looking even, but I'll get it right, never fear...

And then... next week is my last week in the new job - things are afoot, Remaining Gentle Readers, and I will keep you apprised.

Have a great week!  Ciao for now.

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