Friday, 17 December 2010

Did you know...

There's an Annandale in Virginia, USA?  There's also one in Sydney.  They don't look much alike on Google Maps:



But I get visitors from both places!  Nice work you guys!  

I've been flat out like a lizard drinking, all day today, morning fart-arseing about, haircut at 10.30 (not sure about the fringe, but we'll see), lunch with my WMIL* and Mr G's niece Miss ALex, then off with Miss Alex to Warriewood for a trip into K-Mart, which wasn't as horrendous as I thought it might be (but boy that Christmas stuff looks picked over already and it's only the 17th!), then a  side trip into the Post Office to have some stuff weighed & my ID recorded in case those clove-filled Christmas Tree stars I'm sending to England (a bit late, I know) turn out to be exploding clove-filled Christmas Tree stars and they can trace it back to me, then to Wheeler Heights to drop off Miss Alex, then back to Mona Vale to buy food for the hordes for tomorrow, then a side trip to the sports store to pick up an alternative gift for Master Ethan because K-Mart had sold out of Pictureka, [goddess damn you K-Mart], then to Bilgola Plateau to check My Best Friend's mailbox because she's away, then to the butcher to pick up the meat which wasn't going to be ready before 4.00pm, then home to unload it all, then salads to make, then I got to sit down & have a cold drink.  Phew.

How was your day, Gentle Readers?


*Wonderful Mother-in-Law

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