Wednesday, 22 December 2010

I must have been very good this year...

Because I got lots of lovely things for my birthday.  Mr G excelled himself and bought not one, not two, not three, not four, but five books!  And a necklace.  And two bunches of flowers.  Phew.  It's going to be a very busy christmas break, reading all of that lot.  Actually, I won't be reading number five, because it wasn't really a present, it was Mr Golightly's, and was just in there to round out the gifts & Mr G took it back immediately after I'd opened it.  He's a bit precious about Dr Who - there is of course a whole post in this, but that's for another day.

The necklace was of course the very beautiful pink coral & silver number I chose & paid for myself, but that doesn't distract, really.  No, really.

From My Best Friend and the Kidlets, I got a beautiful origami frog, from that wonderful shop in Mona Vale, Little Paper Lane, and my lovely Ma is saving hers up until we get there on Friday, when we're going to have a big combined present opening, because of course, Gentle Readers, in case we forgot, Friday is Mr Golightly's birthday.  Lucky chap.  

Other news:  Yesterday I  made a "Birthday Wishlist" Treasury, and included a cuff from Waterrose.  Her embroidered cuffs are exquisite, and I've been coveting (crash!) one of those for a while now... Rose has returned the favour by including my pink froggie, Petunia, in her Treasury.  And she sent me a nice note.  I wonder if that's part of the Treasury Etiquette I couldn't find out about on the Etsy website?  Hmmm.  

More other news:  Mr Golightly only has today to work, then he is off until the 6th of January, which is lovely, and we fly on Friday morning (at 6.00am, shudder) to the wild west to spend Christmas with My Lovely Ma and Hank, MGF Kaz & Az, the Hendy's and various animals:

So, for now, Gentle Readers, after my Frantic Friday, Swamped Saturday, Stunning Sunday and Manic Monday, I am going off to look into making an Owl, playing a little computer solitaire, and reading.  What a life, eh?


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