Sunday, 9 January 2011

In the Urban Jungle..

Sometimes, Gentle Readers, it's hard to believe we only 31kms/19 miles from the city - this is why:

What can you see amongst the palm fronds at the front of our house?  Look closely now:

A not-so nervous ring-tail possum, out and about quite a bit earlier than normal.  These little guys are nocturnal, and don't usually appear much before dusk.  This was taken at 6.45pm yesterday, well before dusk (it's 8.19pm now & the sun is just starting to set).

Very cute, but altogether undesirable in your roof - they love to nest, which means if you've got anything soft up there, they're into it.  So far, touch wood, we have no evidence that this little critter is in our roof.  We're also not sure if the sticky-outy white bits at the bottom of this picture are testicles or something in the pouch - more evidence of nesting, if it's a pouchling....

Today I made a pillowcase, first one ever.  Why on earth would you make pillowcases when you can buy them from Target or BigW for $4.50 or so?  Well... of course there's a story to that - but the evening meal has arrived (Pizza!) so I'll have to come back to this after food!

Right, back now after watching 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' on DVD - I bought Mr G the full set on video for his birthday - lots of fun, especially after seeing the latest one at the movies myself, and tying lots of things together - **spoiler alert** bits in the first film that make an appearance in the last one...

Anyway, here's a pic of some of the pillowcase:

Made from an oldie but a real goodie - Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut Fabric Finery, in the 'Vanilla' colourway, with an extremely pale yellow stripe through it.  French seams everywhere, and not a raw edge in sight.  Why, I hear you ask again, are you making a pillow case?  Well, MGF Kaz has some beautiful material from the 'Les Indiennes Des Provence' shop in the Hunter, which closed down recently, and she's asked me to make her some pillowcases.  Well, not ever having made one before (but don't tell her that), I thought the safest way to not screw up her beautiful fabric was to do a practice run on something I liked, had a fair bit of & didn't mind cutting up.

Hers looks a bit lot like this:

but it's Red, not orange.  It's beautiful stuff, and will be gorgeous to sew with, I think, once I get it back from the Golightly Chinese Laundry outside.  Progress update tomorrow!  

And now, because it's a good deal later than 8.19pm, it's time Little Golightly's were in bed.  Can't be wandering the halls of Hogwarts at night, now can we?  


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  1. Those sticky-outy white bits may be the start of an awesome pair of boots! (I prayed for it last night, you know.) If you find some leathery goodness on the lawn in a few weeks, please call. I'm coming over.

    More importantly, the pillow cases fabrics are lovely. French Seams! YOU'RE a wizard!


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