Wednesday, 12 January 2011

It's been a nothing day today

And that's what I've done, Gentle Readers, exactly nothing.  For the first time since I've been off, I've felt like doing nothing at all, but not in a good way.  I couldn't settle at the sewing machine, the three-quarters finished pillow case is yelling at me from inside the Small But Perfectly Formed room but I've walked passed with my eyes averted all day.

My former boss has passed my resume onto a potential new boss & I need to ring him about a job, my friend Auds has asked me to join her in her trip to India in February, I have a bagful of fabric from the Homewares store on the floor of the Small But Perfectly Formed Room which needs to be made into things, the washing is piling up, I promised Mr Golightly sausages to go with his ham and salad for dinner, and yet... blah.  I feel definitely apathetic about it all (and I didn't get the sausages, either).

Although, I did do one thing, and that was to dye the laundry room floor streaks of red - in early December, when we went to Perth, we had a small accident with a load of washing, and a black and white shirt.  We forgot the washing was in the machine, the black dye in the shirt ran onto everything else in the machine, so we bought some colour remover and very successfully removed all the unwanted dye from everything, but it also removed all the colour from my favourite coral-coloured t-shirt, which was reduced to a shadow of its former self except in coral-coloured blotches.  And it has sat, in my drawer, waiting for me to buy dye.  

Yesterday I bought a packet of Dylon Scarlet dye, thinking that it would cover up the coral-coloured blotches.  And it kind of did, but not really.  The dye did manage to spread itself all over the floor, the walls, the tumble-dryer, the window, the door handle... and I wiped it off the floor with paper towel, and it's left lovely pinky-red streaks all over the laundry room floor, which may wear off in time... maybe.

I washed the newly dyed t-shirt with a pair of Mr Golightly's trousers (navy, so it wouldn't show if it ran (and it didn't, but the pockets, facings and every other white part of those trousers are now pink), a green towel (still green) & two cream towels, which are now pink.   So now I have a coral-coloured splotchy t-shirt, which I think is destined for housework, instead of being my favourite going out in medium-good company-shirt.  Damn.  No wonder I'm down.

Meh.  Ciao.

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