Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Snoring's boring

Why am I up at this ungodly hour?   Mr Golightly is under the weather.  When I lived in England in the 1980's, probably before some of you lovely Gentle Readers were born, there was a columnist in one of the papers, called Jeffrey Bernard, who lived an interesting life, and his column was occasionally replaced by the line "Jeffrey Bernard is unwell".   

So, Mr Golightly is unwell, but not quite the same unwell as Jeffrey.  He has a cold (or maybe even a chest infection?), and, incredibly, came home from work early yesterday.  This is almost unheard of, but there he was, on the bus with me at 2.30pm.  I'd been into town to meet up with him at our bank, to talk about the effects of me not working (currently) on our finances, and to put some plans into place so we don't have to work until we're 80 .  Then I went off to have lunch, being unable to persuade Mr G to have a sandwich with me, and he went back to work.  At 2.00pm he was ready to go home, and BAM!  There we were on the bus, and once we got home, he went straight to bed.

However, tonight he is snoring.  This too is almost unheard of, because usually I check at least once a night to make sure he's still alive, he sleeps so quietly.  Not like me.  I'm all snuffles and snorts, lots of talking to the aliens in the ceiling and the light fitting.  I toss and turn, I need to flip my pillow over to the cool side.  I occasionally wake up laughing.  That's pretty weird, especially when it's a great joke but you can't remember it once you've woken up...

So, Gentle Readers, here I am at 5.15am, tired and wishing he would just shut up before I get that cool pillow and hold it down over his face.  Poor soul.  

In other slightly more cheerful and less mariticidal news, Mr Golightly's lovely niece, The Bride, has her birthday today, and I have yummy gifts for her:

Orange Dot  Melamine Plate

She has a small orange fetish (hah!), so when I saw these, I thought, well, why not?

Orange Dot  Melamine Platter

They are gorgeous, and hopefully she'll love them.  They came from here, and Kathryn was absolutely delightful to deal with - the packaging they came in was so nice I can just pop the entire box in the post with a birthday card & it's all done.  Can't ask for more than.  Except for some sleep!  Now, back to bed!

Sonno felice!

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