Thursday, 10 February 2011

So much happening, so little time...

Firstly, meet the new dog!  Not mine, sadly, but I wish she were!  This is Nellie, a six-week old long-haired corgi, who has come to reside at the House of Hendy, and who has given a new lease of life to Puddy, the existing Dog of The House.  Kaz, take note...

This is the best I could do, Gentle Readers.  Puppies are hard to photograph, because they never want to sit still & pose, like the more mature pooches we know & love:

.  Plus, I'm sitting on the floor here, trying to snap her as she's running round madly... but I did succeed in the end, when her new owner picked her up & hung on grimly:

What a cutie, hey?  I've never really been a fan of corgis before, but I'd happily have this one!

Next, in other news of great excitement, I start Upholstery school on Monday.  Yes, Gentle Readers, I am doing it.  I thought that an apprenticeship was going to be my only option, and despaired of finding one, but then, the lovely people at our Technical School came through with the goods, and I am about to start a one semester course which will cover everything a first-year apprentice learns.  If I'm really lucky, an apprenticeship may make itself known during the semester, but if not, then we'll go to Plan B.  Don't ask me what it is, I haven't made that bit up yet.  

I haven't dealt with the August Institution yet, but suffice it to say, I need to make some calls.  Heh.  

And finally, in the most exciting news, (see, the rewards for being patient & wading through all this crap are there, they really are...), Angela Pudding put my pouch on the front page of her blog.  OMG.  Do you know how many people follow her blog?  No, me neither.  But judging by the traffic at the bottom of my blog, it's slightly more than 24.  Not that I'm quibbling, Gentle Readers.  I love seeing that counter creep slowly towards 25.   Really.

Anyway, I was touched (and not in the head, either), and gratified, and kind of amazed, really.  And a bit scared.  Am I ready for Internet Fame?  If it means I have to get out of my PJ's earlier, probably not.  

And now, Gentle Readers, it's 4.55am here in Perth, and I think I can put all the excitement behind me & go back to sleep.   Maybe.  Stay safe in the weather!



  1. Hello miss. I grew up with a corgi, Toby. I loved loved loved him. He tried to take my brothers hand off when he was being nasty to me He was the very best dog!! No, I am not taking up the August Institutions time, I am at home recovering and reading your blog. Obviously a lot going on with me!! Take care and talk soon...

  2. Exciting news on the Apprentice thingy! 3 chairs for Ms Golightly :D

    I'm sure it'll be a lot of hardwork, but hopefully fun too.

    And congrats on t'interwebz fame ;-)


  3. Oh I love that! 3 Chairs for me! Thank you Miss AJ, much appreciated. No doubt I will be boring everybody stupid very soon with tales of webbing, horsehair and the un-upholstered... Miss Vetty, hope it all went well & you enjoyed the corgi love - she was extremely cute (but with the sharpest teeth!)... more soon!


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