Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Asians in the library

Racists in the halls...

I still have no idea how to make a link to somebody else's post and you, Gentle Readers, have comprehensively failed me in my quest to learn how to do this!  However, this link to the excellent "SueBob's Red Stapler blog" should provide you with everything you need to know about flashing your tits and your low IQ at the same time.  Oh, I said 'tits'.  Sorry.  Perhaps with my fine "american manners" I should have said "bosoms"?  I know Americans are a bit thingy about nudity and body parts, but not, apparently, about allowing people with no idea into University, which is, after all, about broadening your mind and challenging your assumptions, something that Alexandra Wallace has comprehensively failed on both counts.

In other news, the footstool is finished, but unmarked, so I can't bring it home yet, but there are a few very ordinary pictures:

Underneath, all neatly tied off:

A corner.  Velvet is very bulky!

The top - five large buttons instead of four small buttons.  Vive la differenza...

We spent a lot of time yesterday learning how to make pleats (knife, box and mock-box), using paper, and then marking it out on fabric.  Much frustration ensued and the day went, generally, pretty quickly.

On Sunday I made a pouch for The Bride, who wanted something to keep her meditation runes safe - in orange, of course.. and she chose one of my favourites:

Fabric Kaffe Fassett Millefiore Orange

and this lovely to line it with:

Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market...Geometric in Peach

And I used quilted calico inside, which makes it all easy:

Hope she likes it!

And that's it for me - I am going into town for lunch with Miss Mary Mary, which should be nice... if the rain stops - which it looks like might happen.... Ah, Sydney Autumn.  Gotta love it!


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