Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Operation Dinner Out

On Saturday night, after a day's hard labour (well, Mr Golightly laboured, I played a bit of scrabble, had a huge nap and fluffed about comparing fabric colours with MGF Kaz), we were lucky enough to go out to dinner to continue the Wedding Anniversary celebrations...

Amuse Bouche - just to get us started - salmon roe, salmon sashimi, green tea mousse, in a pea pod

Is it possible to do too much celebrating?  I don't mean 'drink too much', or 'eat too much', I mean "celebrate too many times", I spose... Anyway, we didn't really overdo it, we behaved quite sedately, we played nicely with others (the party of older ladies at the next table with two token men (one was obviously Dad, and the other was obviously Uncle Bill, or Uncle Merv, you know) and two little kids, who were impeccably behaved), we didn't eat with our fingers, or leave the table to be sick... why am I telling you this?  

Mr Golightly's entree (starter) - duck liver pate

Here's the story.  There was a table of four directly opposite me.  Four nicely dressed people, two men, two women.  The girls were dressed in that nice middle class way (I mean, not like hookers, not like they live in those suburbs where it's de rigueur to look like you rob banks for a living), in frocks, and one even had nice smoky grey pantyhose/tights on with her frock - but she was the one so pissed she could hardly keep her eyes open.

Karol's entree (starter) - Duck ravioli

I don't get it - why would you come to a hatted fine dining restaurant so maggotted that you can barely get the food into your mouth?  It was like watching a train wreck - horrible, but you can't tear your eyes away.  At one point she started to hiccup, and I thought, "oh yes, now we're going to see the whole thing land on the table", but she kept it together, and lurched off to the bathroom.  Eight times.  The next best one was watching her get the food into her mouth - very difficult, apparently.

A little kingfish sashimi to help us on our way

Anyway, the food was enough incentive to drag our eyes away - fantastic, beautiful to look at, and magnificent flavours...

Karol's main - rack of lamb with peas & bacon

Mr Golightly & Uncle Az both had the steak.  Ug.

My entree/starter - sugar cured coral trout with peas - beautiful!

My main - mushroom, spinach and gorgonzola tortellini.  Devine.

Anyway, the young man who'd brought the poor unfortunate out for dinner didn't seem to be too concerned about her, but they left very quickly.  What a waste!

And now, Gentle Readers, after a real day of labour yesterday, (Thanks Deb!), I am off into town for some socialising, then a trip to the Post Office to make sure Miss Mandy's birthday gifts arrive in time, then home to finish the washing.  Ah, the glamour!


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