Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A small update

On V2 of the chair...yesterday I got up to putting the ply-grip on the back, and the teacher, in his infinite wisdom, suggested that I should hand-stitch the back, rather than use ply-grip, because the fabric is somewhat thinner than regular upholstery fabric.

I must admit, Gentle Readers, to a slight amount of annoyance with the vendor of said fabric, who clearly had the words 'home dec' in her description of said fabric at the online shop.  To me, and probably to most people, 'home dec' implies that the fabric is a heavier weight than normal quilting cotton.  Here in Aus it's also known as Upholstery fabric, and although I was a bit surprised to find the pattern in mid-weight fabric, it isn't entirely unheard of... but, it wasn't.  It's just ordinary quilting weight.  And so, I'm stuck with hand-stitching both sides of the Outside Back of the chair.

And so, I have brought it home to do today, to make sure I'm not too far behind when I take it back to School on Thursday.  Some pics:

The front

More spikes than an echidna:

 The corners, nice & square:

And tonight, when I've finished putting holes in my fingers, I will show you a picture of the finished back.  All that's left after that is to do the calico at the bottom to tidy it up, and bam, it's finished.

Speaking of putting holes in fingers, Miss Natalie slipped and stabbed herself in the hand with a sharpened screwdriver, which is what we use at Upholstery School to remove staples.  It was very deep and bled a lot, and she looked like she was going to faint, to me.  Brave soul, she carried on for the rest of the day looking like a blancmange.  Very very pale.

On the ruler case front, I moved the closure to the other side, causing some loud and varied swearing as I struggled to get the binding off, on again, off again, on again, unpicked & moved, trimmed, on again.  You get the picture.  Don't sew when you're tired, hey?  Once I get the handles on, I'll post a picture or two.  Honest.

In other news of unparalleled excitement, the gutter guard man came today to measure up our front gutters for their new covers:

We're also getting a quote for a water tank to go in the front, probably 2000 litres, that's 582 US Gallons or 439 Imperial Gallons.  There's already been some serious discourse in the Golightly household about whether or not we actually need the tank, but common sense will prevail (that's my view, in other words)... Mr Golightly went off to the office licking his wounds.

And now, Gentle Readers, I must away to the Chair, and start my stitching.  After my nap, I think :-).


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  1. I'm catching up for the first time in quite some time, and I just have to say: You Are SO talented. So talented. I would love to take a day and just watch you create.


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