Saturday, 5 March 2011

Very funny, Blogger...

I didn't notice, Gentle Readers, that my post from yesterday, when I came home all full of enthusiasm and dust, was full of HTML, until this afternoon when I was waiting for MBF & Master H in one of the few decent bookshops on the mid-Northern Beaches (which is closing down, for shame [but which isn't part of the A&R or Borders chain], because the owners are retiring and didn't even try to sell it as a going concern...), and my back started to ache, so I went and sat on The Bench to wait for them.  As I do from time to time, I thought I'd look for updates from my favourite blogs, and as usual, I get to them via my own blog, because of course they're all gathered there for convenience.  Mine, of course.  It's just very handy for you as well, because I know that some of you go straight from me to Mrs Pudding, for example, and that's fine... 

Anyway, long story short... I was doing this on my phone (so geeky) and what do I see but a mess of HTML... I assumed it was because there was some issue with the phone, but now that I'm home, having had a drink & two aspirin, lying on the bed & wishing I felt better, that I have discovered that the whole post went up in HTML, and none of the photos made it, either.  Gah.

Anyway, I couldn't bear to do it all again, so here's a precis:

Madam Late arrived at 8.50 on Thursday & didn't arrive at all on Friday...
Mr Smelly didn't arrive at all on Thursday, arrived late on Friday, stayed for 2 hours then nicked off without letting the teacher know he was leaving (not really an attendance thing, more a courtesy thing)...
Miss Sulky actually picked up a broom but only managed to wave it round her own workbench, she didn't quite get to the rest of the floor, but that is some progress...
Miss Badhair left early so she could go to the beautician.  Guess that's better than Zumba, which was last week's excuse for leaving early.... such dedication
Poor B put his inside back cover on the wrong way round & had to start again... 
The rest of us are perfect, but you knew that already.

Chair is coming on:

And tomorrow is our wedding anniversary (18, to be precise).  Incredible really.   Mr Golightly sent me these yesterday, saying Happy 18th & here's to another 80.  I don't really want to still be going at 375 years + 80, but I guess we'll see.

That's it.  I'm having a rest now, before we go out tonight with OWP & KWP to our favourite Italian, where Mr Golightly & I have been dining since before we were married.  Yum.  

Have a great weekend, Gentle Readers, and watch out for that HTML monster!


PS I bought a scrabble dictionary.  Watch out!

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  1. I am so excited. I have a new fangled phone that means I can read you on the train! I also have the exact same chair you are making only in pink. The husband of an old colleague of mum's made it and gave it to her for Zach when he was little. Your's is looking great.


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