Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Royal Wedding Fun

My lovely neighbours, Lyn & Eric, went to a Royal Wedding Party.   Whoever was giving the party had a great sense of humour, because everybody had a title, and everybody had to come in character.  Lyn was the Arch-Duchess, Eric was the Admiral.  Lots of inspiration, and Lyn found the perfect dress, which was bottle green something, maybe rayon? with a velvet bodice - this is the closest approximation of the style I could find:

80's White Lace and Green Crushed Velvet Prom Dress by Dave and Johnny Size 8

Except the bodice on Lyn's dress was velvet... and a bit tight.  Lyn is.. quite well endowed... shall we say, in that department?  Anyway, she popped around for inspiration on how to get the dress to fit a bit better (read:  looser), so I set to with the seam ripper on the lining, and gave her another couple of centimetres.  Then I had a stroke of inspiration, and whipped out the two lovely rhinestone brooches I just bought (I've fallen in love with Rhinestones, did I tell you that (although if you look up Etsy Treasuries made by me, you'll figure it out pretty quick!)?

So, the Rhinestone brooches were going on the dress as decorations, a la other Royal occasions:

Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II

Stunning Light Blue Vintage Rhinestone Brooch
They look so similar, don't they?  Then there's this one:

 Vintage Blue and Green Rhinestone Pin - 1967

Emeralds, Sapphires.. Rhinestones.  I think the finished result was like this - not sure she could borrow the tiara though!

And then I lent The Admiral a sash, so he could pin his own decorations and medals (purchased from the Warriewood Two Dollar Shop) onto his uniform.  I'm sure he looked just like this:

Except for the chair, of course.

I, personally, hopped into my jammies & put the electric blanket on, then watched it from my lovely warm bed.  Mr G was out on the town celebrating the impending wedding of one of his boys (as we call the poor sods who slave under him in the IT mines all day), so I had no reason to hide my desire to watch it.  I loved her dress, classic, simple, chic.  

So, you see, it is possible to enjoy Royalty - but only until the Revolution!


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