Monday, 13 June 2011

I'm still alive...

Here we are, Gentle Readers, in Perth, visiting my lovely Ma and Hank for the Queen's birthday long weekend. 

There's still no progress on having our router fixed, but Mr Golightly advises it has escalated to our national carrier, who are, theoretically, responsible for the provision of the copper wire upon which all our broadband signals are run.  I am so very sick of the whole issue, having bought & failed to successfully use not one but two mobile broadband sticks... the reception in the back of our house is terrible... and the router just keeps going up down up down up down up down...

Anyway, the chair continues apace:

And all that's left to do is:

Make a circle of the piping, fit it to the box, sew it to the skirt, put the skirt on, cover the bottom of the chair, attach the box to the chair, cover the box in calico and handstitch the back down.  Not much work, really.  

Miss Natalie has finished her chair already, partly as a response to the suggestion of the Head Teacher that she's too old to successfully continue next semester in the day class... me too, and also Miss Caro, who is 4 years younger than Miss Nat.  I'm 10 years older than Nat, and 14 years older than Miss Caro.  That makes us geriatrics, and unemployable, to boot, apparently. 

I think that the Head Teacher could have handled the situation a little differently - apparently the number of vacancies for the day-class was fewer than he thought he would have, and so he chose the youngest class members to continue in the day class.  It would have been nice if he'd checked with them first, but he didn't... to cut a long story short, after he'd gone round & checked with the rest of the class, he found out that he could actually fit us oldies in because the youngsters didn't actually want to do the day class.  Don't you love the methodology?

This is the back of the chair, waiting to be hand sewn...

I promise I'll be back after we return from Perth... and hopefully the line will be fixed by then... 



  1. Ageism! Outrageous. If you are fit to do the work, no way should they refuse.

    Yuckity yuck on the broadband issues. I'm sure you've thought of this, BUT, I was having my box able to connect to laptop but not out to t'internet. Signal kept dropping every few seconds. Was driving me nuts. The phoneline had crackles. BT has a video 'splaining how to run test to check which thing is causing the problem. It showed the broadband filter/splitter being disconnected. I had a brand new spare, I tried it, problem solved.


    PS Have you visited any upholstery shops lately? ;-)

  2. Commiserations on:
    1. bloody router (I'm very familiar with this sort of techno-crap)
    2. Head Teacher-stuff. I'm older than you Miss Golightly (as are several of my 3rd year class mates) so I don't get his comments. TAFE are running those 1 semester courses precisely because there ARE'NT enough apprentices in the trade anymore. I don't get it - I thought they were keen to have students of any type simply to keep the courses going. Maybe the old blokes are getting scared there are now all us "old" women coming in?


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