Sunday, 11 September 2011

Has-beans and pea-ing on the ground

Well, a fabulous weekend in the Hunter was had, very relaxing (mostly because I forgot to take a bobbin for the sewing machine, so funny, ROTFLMAO, oops.  No cushions, sorry Kaz.

Kaz excelled herself in the 'big fat fluffy bed' stakes this week - the candles were lit, the bed was beautifully made and even the vases and flowers co-ordinated:

Just beautiful.

We also had lots of fun upholstering the bench (finally):

And here it is on the matching rug:

It only took about 20 minutes to finish it off.  I thought it looked OK, but Kaz said she thought it looked "bloody fantastic".  It would certainly pass the Head Teacher pinch test... and Mr Golightly looks rather fetching sitting on it in his best working clothes:

And we picked some peas, had a look at the broadbeans, which Uncle Arfur pulled out a little prematurely... like, before they'd even sprouted, and I took a pretty picture:

The smell of the barrels we bought back for MBF* Deb in the back of the car was rather heady, a mix of oak and dried wine, but fortunately we didn't get stopped by the RBT** boys, and the trip home was quite quick, which leaves me here on the couch at 6.50pm, thinking about making pouches and watching Silent Witness...

All in all, rather relaxing.  I'm going back to Upholstery School on Monday & Wednesday nights for the rest of this term (which is only this week & next), and hopefully a break will make me feel a bit better about how this is all going... and maybe I'll even get the seat started next week?  We shall see.  And see, not another thought about the Tuesday Child Minder!

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend too, Gentle Readers.


*My Best Friend
**Random Breath Testing Police

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