Sunday, 25 September 2011

If a tree falls in the forest...

Would anybody hear?  Well, Gentle Readers, let me tell you that when a tree falls down in our street at 0149 on a Friday morning, pretty much everybody heard it.  And popped out in various states of undress to inspect, surmised that a) nobody was hurt, b) no property was damaged, c) no electricity was off, d) no driveways were blocked and e) no accidents were likely, becasue it's a flat road and the tree was easily visible. So we all went back to bed.  Except for the new(ish) neighbours to our left, who came home at 3.00am, and decided that the fallen tree  presented an immediate danger to life and limb (ho ho ho), and promptly called the Fire Brigade. 

I have no idea why the Fire Brigade felt it was necessary to come charging through the quiet streets of Newport with lights ablazing and sirens roaring, but they did.  They parked right outside our house, proceeded to set up the generator for the lights, got the chainsaw out and spent a very happy hour and a half (yes, it was a big tree) cutting up the tree.  Sleep?  Not much, really.

They finished about 4.15am.  I get up at 5.30am.  Cranky?  You bet.

Anyway, here's the evidence:

And here's Mr G watching from the safety of our bedroom:

And the best part (I think)?  All the foliage and tree bits have landed on our verge/nature strip, and so when it finally stops raining, Mr Golightly is going to go out & mulch it all up & put it on our garden.  Some small measure of compensation for spending Friday with a brain like marshmallow, yes?

In other news, I finally got MaddieGal's pouches off in the mail to her - and I have bits and pieces of Mendocino left, if anybody's interested.  It is very thin, and really only suitable for small things like pouches or lavender bags.  Definitely no good for doorstops etc.

In other news, the crazy hours continue, 44 last week.  I have vowed that I will not do more than 32 this week, partly because I'm off on Tuesday (yay!) and am schlepping out to Villawood to eyeball some upholstery supplies for my chair-recovering sojourn to Perth next week...

I've been doing these stupid hours because I've been on a few courses in the past two weeks, but that's all finished now, so things should settle down a bit.  I now know what makes you a Leader, as opposed to a Manager, and that my GSI is mostly blue and a bit green with not much red.  Gah.  Amazing how much money institutions spend on this stuff, isn't it?  Our Management offsite dinner was... interesting, for a certain value of 'interesting'.  I was home by 9.30pm & asleep shortly thereafter.  All that lemon squash!

And yesterday, despite my head feeling like a slightly overripe rockmelon, I went up the hill to help MBF* and the Kidlets strip the hideous straw wallpaper from her dining room.  We found this underneath:

Any ideas who Ruby was?  Me neither!

And that, Gentle Readers, is about the sum of my week.  It's 13.32pm & I'm still in bed.  I 
still feel slightly like a damaged piece of fruit, but the urge to sew is getting to unignorable levels, and I feel some lavender bags coming on... 

And so I wish you all uninterrupted sleep and a great week!  Ciao!

*My Best Friend


  1. Aaaaggggh! That was some night! I've gone right off your neighbours.

    I had the horrendous experience (remember the Hyperacusis?!) of the Gas Board digging up the street in front of my house just after I fell asleep one Saturday night. Generators and Pneumatic drills, but fortunately no sirens. Took them 5 weeks to finish filling in the hole.

    You have my deepest sympathies for the loss of sleep.

  2. I did the GSI thing a few years back. I start off in the Hub, right in the middle, being a lovely team player, and when I am under stress I flee into the Green analytical zone, turning into the sort of person who says "Yes, but where is the evidence to support that?" I thought it was a great bit of self-analysis. Meant I could do Mr Spock impressions with impunity, for a start.


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