Friday, 31 January 2014

Not so subtle...

Mr Golightly & I are about to set off, again, on a big adventure.  This picture may give you some clues as to where we're going... or this one:

Yep.  Rome... again.  I love Rome.  I'm pretty sure we're going to have an excellent time, and Mr G has finally caved in & agreed to visit the Vatican Museum - given that we went into St Peter's Basilica the last time we were in Rome & the world didn't come to an end, it should be fine.  We're using these guys, and doing this tour, which goes for four hours, and hopefully there'll be a bar nearby I can collapse into after four hours of standing up!

I will try to post some pics as we go along, especially if I come across something interesting like this again!

Ciao for now!!

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