Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Fiddle me sticks...

Sunday 29 March 2009; I bought a new laptop.  Sunday 29th June 2014;  I bought a new laptop.  They tend to last me 5 years, which is pretty good, considering.  This one is lighter, a slightly wider screen but not so high, 750Gb HDD (yeah, like who cares?) and I've already done all the moving of stuff, which is the biggest PITA* when getting a new laptop.  

In other news, life.  The house looks like a bomb has been dropped, the shoe count in my bathroom is going up, the pile of discarded coats on the dining table is growing, the spurt of good quality home cooking is slowly tapering off & tonight for dinner we had a pre-cooked chicken & oven fries, with soft porn sweet corn being our fresh vegie of choice.

The guest room is devolving into chaos - the Murphy Bed that Mr Golightly made is up, leaving loads of empty floor space, just waiting to be filled up with... the old dirty linen basket (finally found a skinnier but taller one for the corner), five suitcases, (don't ask me why I didn't put them away when I wasn't working, OK?) four rolls of fabric (one red damask belonging to my lovely MIL to re-cover her wing chair [that's a whole 'nother story...], one roll of Atrium Blue for curtains, two piles of blue damask for curtains which are just waiting for me to get the message) and a pile of boxes that normally live in the wardrobe & which hold things like seasonal jumpers & polar fleece & winter PJ's... it's a bit depressing, actually.

The only place that's really tidy is the sewing room - and I think that's only staying tidy because it wouldn't take much for it to become absolutely unworkable, as it's such a small space.  I took a photo the other day which I posted on Instagram - check me out (IsabellaGolightly26), showing how full the shelves are looking... don't ask me how to put it in here - the phone is switched off (OMG!  The phone is switched off!!) & I'm not getting up to switch it back on... and I have no idea how to add a picture from Instragram in here.

And the lovely Mr Golightly is watching his team win their game from last Friday (again).  

Life.  So exciting.


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