Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Rolling along like a 50 cent piece

Not quite smoothly like a 20c piece, Gentle Readers, but still rolling along. What's been happening?  Mr Golightly went skiing for a weekend, for the first time in at least five years, and had an excellent time.  I think he's got a previously undiscovered talent for photography, because he took a couple of excellent photos of the snow, admittedly with his phone, but still very nice pics...

I spent the weekend in Melbourne with Mr Golightly's delightful Mother (aka my lovely MIL), which was excellent - we spent quality time with Master Two, Miss E, his lovely Mother, and a little bit of time with Mr K, his lovely Father (which was still quality time, but there just wasn't much of it!) and I discovered the Museum of Melbourne, which was amazing.... have you been, Gentle Readers?  Lots of taxidermied (is that even a word?) animals, arranged by continents, and placed so you can see how big they actually (were) are, before they were killed in the interests of science...

We also went to see the exhibition of Italian Masterpieces from the Prado, which was really interesting, but the catalogue for the exhibition was so big & heavy we both left (almost) empty handed.  Cards are the best souvenir when there's no tea towels available, if you ask me...

We wandered down to St Kilda Markets on Sunday morning, and I bought a couple of nice tea towels with a tram route printed on them - one for MBF Deb & one for MGF Kaz - more tea towels I don't need.  Other sorts of fabric... well... maybe.

I've discovered a new source, based here in Australia, and I'm busy exercising the Parcel Locker system, giving my new colleagues no end of amusement.  I don't care.  Fabric at a good price is good fabric, as far as I'm concerned, and it's an added bonus that it doesn't have to come from a(nother) foreign country before it gets to me.  So, I'm looking at you, Evil Alison - I've completely thrown away my vow not to buy any more fabric this year because not only are the deals excellent, the service is fantastic.  Plus she's signed up to read this, so I have to be nice... not that it's hard!

I've been getting a bit of traction of my Instagram account, which is nice, but I haven't had an Etsy order for yonks, and I'm wondering if I should move my shop over to one of the other possibilities?  I had a look at Shopify, but it was way too complicated... and I've already got a Big Cartel space, but I don't really use it - I had zero interest from it when I had lots of stuff listed... so.. what to do?

I'm thinking about selling the pattern for the Bilbies, on my Etsy page too.  There are lots of nice patterns out on the market, which seem to do quite well (well, I know I've bought a few!), so there's definitely room for one more... but I'm torn between focusing on getting stuff made for the market (7th December, come on down), and trying to do other crap like, you know, washing, putting away (I don't do ironing, no matter what!), cooking, tidying, life's little joys.

Here's 10 bilbies on the way:

and more later.

And now, it's 10.38pm, past the time small Golightlys should be in bed.  Ciao!

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  1. Oooohh! I'd LOVE to buy your bilby pattern if it's available. Let me know please.


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