Saturday, 27 December 2014


AsyouknowBob, in July I bought a new laptop... which has now been replaced by one that actually works.  After a couple of issues in September, it went back for a new hard disk (lucky I'd backed everything damn thing up, hey?) and then it crashed again while I was doing a few routine updates... then the wireless card carked it, and I think they realised it was a Lemon with a capital ELL... so I got a new one.  Thank you James at Officeworks Mona Vale!

I owe emails to people in various parts of the world, my poor blog is sadly neglected, and I haven't moved photos off my phone for months... so I'm hoping that now I can get back to normal.

First things first - the stall... well, it was kind of hilarious - I've been following @littlepaperlane on Instagram, and she'd been so funny talking about her daughter and the obsession with the 'Frozen' dress, mass produced shit made in China, how much she hated it, how she tried to hide it from her daughter, to no avail... well.  Guess what my stall neighbour was selling?  'Frozen' merchandise.  Mass produced, all out of boxes labelled with Made In China, and she did not give a shit that she was peddling rubbish, made in factories by people who earn $20 a month... nope.  She was nice enough, but her products were just so foul... but every child who went past went "Frooooooozen".... and dragged their mothers right past my handmade loveliness...

However, I did have lots of lovely grandmothers pop over to buy gifts for new great-nephews and nieces, and grandchildren, and some lovely people who bought gifts for sisters and brothers... so we sold a bunch of stuff, but surprisingly, hardly any lavender bags.  Need to rethink the presentation of them, maybe??

Here's a pic of what our stall looked like the night before:

Suprisingly tidy, considering.  The tent guy was waiting for me, and we discovered that it's probably a shit load cheaper to buy one than hire it, but hey, hindsight... MGF Deb and Miss Pen came down to help erect and decorate, and we were all ready to go by 0900... there are photos somewhere of the finished product, but I don't have any.  Maybe next year I'll get those to show you...

By crikey it was hot, and the tent roof was dark blue, so it was like sitting in a sauna - my face tends to resemble beetroot when I get hot, and I personally blame that for the 
quietness of the market.... but everybody around us was saying how quiet it was, and how they thought the market was too close to the others... meh. 

I covered my costs, but I think I might try the St Ives craft market next time.  If there is a next time...

But now...I must away to the shower.  It is 12.53pm, and the cricket is at lunch... I don't like to rush into things, as you know... Ciao!

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