Tuesday, 19 January 2016

See? Nobody comes here any more.

Not even me.  I wanted to list the updated Bilby Pattern (see, Gentle Readers, I haven't even shared that news with you (have I?)) on Etsy as a free download, but you have to charge at least 0.30c for something.  So much for philanthropy.

Anyway, I think there's a way to do it from here, and I shall endeavour to find it.

News:  still working full time, blah.  perennial bookcase is near to completion, (well, close to being brought inside so it can have the rest of its bits done in situ), husband OK, house ditto.

Look, seriously, I do everything on Instagram now.  Come on over, it's painless - @isabella.golightly.

Now.  How do you get to this thing?

Ooh that was easy.  Come & get it.  The new version of the full pattern will be available in store shortly, as soon as I can persuade my tame Graphic Genius to draw it up for me.



  1. Hehe.... I came, I saw, I downloaded ear deets.. and yes, IG is SOOOO much fun :)
    But thank you very much for the ear update. I 'ear you, I 'ear you.
    Hmmmm.... at 3pm it sounds like I have been sneaking sips of the spirits cupboard!!

  2. I know who you are Anne B. Don't think you're going to escape unscathed :-D

  3. Lol...didn't even know you had a blog...sad part is we don't have time to read them anymore IG had taken up enought of what little time we have...thanks heaps for keeping us entertained😂😂💜

  4. Lol...emojis don't work on here...xox

  5. Thanks for the ear update Mrs Lady! I didn't know you had a blog either, but IG really is a fun space. Especially when you can actually find time to sit down and see what the people in your phone are making, doing or creating. Thanks again!

  6. instagram is owned by facebook. facebook is evil. I don't have a smartphone.

    I still read blogs.

    this comment is brought to you by ludditesRus

  7. HI!! I've bought from you before--my sister lives in Australia (now in Sebastopol) and she's feeling down...would you have any flat packs or lavender sachets I could send her as a pick-me-up? Thanks!! Evelyn evelynchacinski at yahoo dot ca


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