Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Message in a bottle

I was going to forgo the musical theme (what, you thought it was all a coincidence?) tonight because I've had two glasses of wine (normally I don't drink during the week) and didn't think I'd be able to come up with anything witty, but hey, Crowded House is always good. Ooops. I think it was Split Enz. See, I've had a glass of wine.

Anyway, for those who care, an update on the raffle - we've had so many neat donations that I'm now embarrassed & need to run around selling tickets like mad to make sure people win all the stuff! Thank you everybody : -)))

Sewing news - well, MWH worked late, really late, last night, and I made a box pouch, instead of having dinner, then I had a bowl of cerel at 10.00pm. See, having no kids means you can eat what you like when you like. Then I woke up in the middle of the night telling MWH that I knew how the guy was doing it [doing what?] but I just didn't know how - apparently I was convinced somebody was spying on us through the light fittings, and no, she says, pouring scorn on HWH, it wasn't an alien, it was a real guy... and no, I'm not asleep. Zzzzz. Wow. Weird or what? I remembered doing it this morning but not what triggered it.

Actually, I do know what caused this one - I was watching Stargate, the episode where Daniel is being interrogated by Osiris in his sleep & they capture her & remove the go'auld - I fell asleep in the middle of the episode & obviously it decided to play out in my subconscious...

When I was doing the last semester of my IT Diploma I used to sleepwalk downstairs to the front door & check it was shut. This was somewhat different but not hugely - stress is the trigger for me - and if the current project keeps going the way it has been, I may be doing the ironing whilst asleep before I know it... so if you hear of a house burning down because a woman was ironing whilst alseep, it's only me. Don't panic!

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