Saturday, 28 February 2009

Remember my name, fame...

I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna learn how to fly (high)... or something. I have never watched that movie, right up there with Thelma and Louise, and Pulp Fiction. Apparently this makes me some kind of social misfit, but I'm coping, trust me. The McVities Ginger Nuts are helping me cope... There's a couple of shops in the city called "Sweet Treats from Home" [I just had an ABC kind of moment, as in "Should I be doing advertising here?", and then I realised, "it's my party, I can cry if I want to..." or, I can say what I like without worrying about the perception of impartiality. If people don't like it, they don't have to read this... so...] and these shops sell food, drinks, some household items such as, get this, Fairy Liquid, and of course, McVities Biscuits, all from the UK and Ireland. I love McVities Plain Chocolate Digestives, which in the hemisphere I live in, is actually 'dark' chocolate. We can get those in the supermarket, mostly, but the Ginger Nuts are harder to come by. They are so good... dunked in tea, milk, old fashioned lemonade.. not so great in coffee, but still great to eat on their own. Yum.

Anyway, surprisingly, I have digressed... Oh yes, social misfittedness. No, Fame! That was it! One of my photographs has been selected to go into something called Schmap, which is an "online digital travel guide"... apparently they don't pay you, but you get kudos and people all over the world get to see your photos. There's a widget too, apparently, but I'm not going to include it - all the photos on my flickr page are shown on this blog anyway, under the "My World' thingy - the one that Schmap is including is right in there... so, small moment of Fame...

Other news: I've just made 3 more pouches, 2 for gifts & one more for the WMIL's easter gift parade, only 4 more to go for that. The gifts are for two of my favorite people who have February Birthdays, and although I had the gifts in good time, it's just taken a bit longer to get the pouches organised. I've fallen into a bit of analysis paralysis, where I can't make anything because I can't choose which fabric to use. On a brighter note, I have almost finished moving stuff from big boxes into smaller boxes, only the huge upholstery, curtain and remnant box to go.

How excited am I about doing that one? Not at all, really, but it's got to be done, then we can sacrifice the large, ugly, ungainly shelving unit to the garage, and my small but perfectly formed sewing room will look a lot bigger. Isn't it weird? MWH has built an L-shaped unit, with four low shelves & six high, and although it's taller, and wider, it makes the room look bigger. Maybe because it isn't that terrible orangey-red colour the other one went (we did stain & varnish it about 15 years ago, and I'm sure it wasn't quite so foul then, so I'm blaming the colour change on the varnish...) but rather a nice neutral pine colour.

Anyway, the other nice news is that my lovel DSSIL is coming for a visit tomorrow, to pick up her froggie, and to have a quick lesson on the sewing machine I'm gifting her - much fun ensuing tomorrow, and hopefully lots of fun sewing, and no dithering about which fabric to use... I've just ordered this, too, which I think is gorgeous, so we'll see what comes of it... maybe some birdies... maybe...

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