Friday, 1 May 2009

Sew, a needle pulling thread...

How appropriate that my lovely friend Lulu Carter  has this on her blog:

I loved it so much I watched it twice!

I've been busy with work, you know, that thing that keeps the economic meltdown from our door, and I very naughtily bought three pairs of shoes yesterday that cost more than any other shoes I've ever purchased - what is it about red shoes? I must own 5 pairs already (and I know what you're thinking, it's right up there with the red handbags) - and I have two red suitcases, and I also have a red hat - maybe I'm preparing for my older days when I'm going to wear Purple & Red together and behave in an entirely irresponsible manner (far more than I do now, that's for sure.

My mother's Lady's Quilting and General Good Works Society is having their annual quilt exhibition this weekend & she's sent me some pictures of the lovely quilts - and as I haven't made a damn' thing this week, I figured I'd show them off instead!  Actually, I lie.  I made a pouch for my WMIL for non-Mother's Day next week - invisibly lined with calico for extra strength, and designed to be flung into your eco-friendly shopping basked with your keys, phone and purse:

And now for the quilts.  This one is called 'Scottish Country Dance' and it's actually mine, I've very generously lent it for the exhibition. Mum & I had a great time about 2 years ago buying the fabrics, and she then made it & quilted it by hand.  It's magnificent and I absolutely love it.  My greatest fear is that I won't get it back!

I love how this one uses a traditional quilting shape and turns it on its head to become something a bit unusual - did you know the swastika was originally an Indian (Sub-continent, not Red) good luck symbol?

I really like the more modern fabrics used in a very traditional quilt pattern.

This one is interesting because the green plays tricks on your eyes - those lines look like they're forming interlocking circles, but of course they aren't - it's very clever.

And finally, I really liked the precision of this one - imagine the hours of work cutting out all those tiny little triangles & piecing them together?  I can barely think about making a quilt out of 5" squares, let alone something as fiddly as that!

Hopefully they'll raise lots of money for their good works - so if you're out near Parkerville  tomorrow (Saturday), pop over & have a look - they're at 910 Seaborne Rd, Parkerville, in the Baptist Church Grounds.

PS Did anybody notice I figured out how to put the moving pictures inside the story?  That's a lot like "I want the caramel inside the chocolate", for those of us old enough to remember... 

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