Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The hills are alive...

With the sound of music... well, now that I've figured out why I couldn't hear any of Mr Dave & his happy buddy Mr Ry playing merrily on my lovely new machine, that is - she who is the self-proclaimed music junkie forgot to turn the external speakers on.  Hah!  What a dope.  Anyway, I proved it wasn't my possibly somewhat-lacking skills on the YouTube front by watching this Podcast & when there wasn't any sound, I thought I'd uploaded it wrong.  You know, what happens to old people when confronted with new technology - they get it, almost, but not quite..

What drove me was one of the other other blogs  I follow regularly was having that Podcast & they'd worked out how to stick the YouTube thingy into the post, the smarties, and I wanted to see if their voices sounded like I thought they should (and they did, which is kind of creepy), but anyway, there was no sound coming out of that either, so I did what any semi-literate computer user would do - I called the help desk.  

Just kidding.  I went to the control panel & checked for my speakers, which were apparently all working, and the little sound level they so kindly give you on Vista was going up & down, living proof (well, not quite living, but you know what I mean), so I figured "There must be something else going on".  Brilliant.  This is why I earn the big bucks, y'know?

Anyway, guess what?  The cable was plugged in.  But they speakers be not turned on.  Turn they speakers on.  Magic.  Well, actually, I don't believe in magic, but it was a nice result.  Sound, lovely sound.  Sharon Lee sounds just like I thought.  Steve Miller sounds just like I thought.  Plus interesting, as a bonus.  Now I have to sit & listen to the whole podcast.  Maybe.  But first, the results of some labours last night with the stuffing implements & a whole bag of fibre-fill:

He is so cute, and of course, he's for my lovely DSSIL*.  Last time I made her a froggie, she pressed me to come up with a name, and I folded.  Anyway, eventually we went with 'Guido', but I'm still not sure if that's the best name.  So, for this lovely colorful canine, I'm thinking that I should throw it out to my huge audience, and see if anybody can come up with something more appropriate.  A small prize is being offered for the best name.  Miss DSSIL* obviously cannot participate.

Now, I only have to sew up the open bit (and there are absolutely no prizes for guessing where that is, and figure out how to get him up to where she lives... Australia Post loves a challenge.  Just as well! 

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