Monday, 20 April 2009

Sidh Beag agus Sidh Mór

I just found the most gorgeous thing on YouTube, a clip of David Lindley and Ry Cooder playing "Sídh Beag agus Sídh Mór", a tune I was first acquainted with when I was much, much younger than the 750 I am today... you must have a listen.  I've stuck a link somewhere on this infernal device.  Interestingly, infurnal, infirnal and infernal all seem to be perfectly reasonable alternatives, at this time of day, after an entire day of "writing letters for a living" ... then I found this lovely lovely clip and my spirits just rose.

We also had a fabulous weekend here , eating fantastic seafood (I had prawns and a helping of Paella, plus a serve of hazelnut ice cream, what a piggy) and drinking magnificent Hunter Valley Semillon - see, what a perfect combination that would be - listening to Ry Cooder and David Lindley and drinking Semillon, although both strike me as bourbon drinking kind of boys but lease correct me if I'm libelling them here... 

Do other countries differentiate between libel and slander?  In Australia, where this is writ, slander is spoken, (which is how you remember the difference, next time you're off at the trivia-fest) and libel is written.

What else?  I played with my best girlfriend, and I handed over the other cosmetic pouch to my lovely DSSIL*, and took orders for more stuff from her and Kaz.   With friends like these two, who needs Etsy?

I made these, though, and I've just discovered I've left all my other stock in the Hunter.  Good thing Kaz is honest, huh?  I can see her running down the driveway doing a madwoman's heel spring thingy with joy at finding a pouch and 15 assorted lavender bags under the table...

And what else?  Ah yes, Much late-night joy was found reminding Kaz how to play Rickety Kate, or Black Bitch, or what-have-you, and I discovered my DSSB** is a very clever and completely shameless cheat at cards.  Also, that we both dislike celery, and some other useless vegetable I've forgotten already, and we both had Brussel Sprouts (because they make your farts smell so good - well, that's my reason, I'm sure his was something much more civilised), cauliflower and potatoes as our favourite vegetables... amazing there's no blood connection, really.  Maybe in another life?  If I ever get the chance to swap my actual sibling for another one, I'm picking him!

The weather she was beautiful, too, except Sunday arvo when it rained, which was just fine, because we all had small hangovers and a dose of doing nothing was called for.  Some were much smaller than others, I might add. Ah joy...

*Defacto Step-Sister-In-Law
**Defacto Step Brother

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