Thursday, 24 September 2009

Well, what a day...

So here, gentle reader, is what the beautiful beach at Newport looked like yesterday morning at about 7.40, when I was waiting for my bus to work:

This is what it normally looks like:

You may be able to tell I was standing in the middle of those Norfolk Pine trees when I took the photo.  Amazing.

This is my backyard as it normally looks:

This is what it was like at about 7.20 yesterday morning:

These came straight off my camera.  Incredible.  And so much fun to breathe in - I just left my nephew a message on Facebook saying how delightful it was to be blowing red snot yesterday... charming.  And we were breathing that in!  I can't believe the government didn't show a little leadership & tell us all to stay at home - oh wait, what am I saying?  This is the NSW government I'm talking about here.  D'oh.

I also had to chuckle at MWH's niece, who is here from Melbourne for THE WEDDING, who said "of course she had to come to Sydney for the freakin APOCALYPSE"... I was thinking of the Red Dwarf moment when Lister is really sick & dreams of it raining herring, and the mayor of Warsaw who spontaneously combusted in 1546, appears in his quarters.  

Some may think that the red dust may be the precursor to said Apocalypse, and I'm pretty sure there's a bunch of Rapture Ready loonies out there cutting down trees & peering through the haze looking for the one great magician to come & take them all away from this... oops.  Just slid off the soapbox.

Ah, it's so much fun out there... 

Happier news, The Bride took delivery of the bunting today, and sent me a lovely text message saying she absolutely loved [them], which is great to hear!  I just have to decide now if I'm going to wear the red shoes to the wedding or the black ones.... it's a tough choice... the bag I bought from the lovely Rowena would go well with either red or black...  opinions pls?

Champagne and ruby bloom -  luxury silk clutch bag

Oh, my outfit?  Black satin pants (yes, yes, I know, very 70's disco), a cream silk blouse & a black lace jacket-y coat-y thing.  Like a dolman coat but with almost a shawl collar... the lapels & collar are all one piece. Who cares what I'm wearing?  The BRIDE is wearing a beautiful Colette Dinnigan dress and she will look absolutely beautiful, because she is a beautiful person, in & out.   So exciting!

Pictures next week.  Now, dinner calls.  Well, it's more of a whimper, actually because of the BLT I had for lunch with Ms Creek... v. naughty.  Good thing I don't have to squeeze into that Colette Dinnigan dress!  Bye!  

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