Wednesday, 23 September 2009

West meets East

And the red rain falls out of the sky... 

Did anybody chance to check out Nostradamus today?  I'm sure the end of the world was predicted for today, but we forgot to notice.  Also, gross moment coming up, be warned - I blew my nose today & it was full of red dust.  No wonder my lungs hurt.

Check out my good friend Kaz's blog for a first hand glance at the dust, if you want!  This is where we spent the weekend. Looked a bit different this morning!

Check this out: When I came over The Bridge this morning, visibility was so low we couldn't even see the Opera House!

I took my camera to work today, what a nerd, hey?  My photos here tomorrow, honest.  Early start tomorrow, 5.30am.  Bed, sleep.  Dismissed.

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