Wednesday, 28 July 2010

It's all over now, Baby Blue

Yes, the lovely Ms Scurvy was correct!  I ran into her at lunchtime, me looking variously bedraggled and smart, (bedraggled because it rained pretty much all day and I popped out at lunchtime with no umbrella, and smart, because I delivered my first training today, a whole 15 minute chat to some new starters, all about the wonders of what we're doing on our Project. Wanted to look professional, even though I've felt completely frelled all day, but anyway, it seemed to go well, they laughed at my joke [singular, didn't want to go overboard], answered my questions and asked one or two of their own, so that's all good...

Anyway, there she was, with the very lovely Goodnight Irene in tow, and so we had to stop & chat - and I told her that unless she commented, I wasn't going to give out the prize!

So, she did, and I will.  3 lovely pinkish lavender bags for her mother, on their way.

More news on the quilt:

I have matched up pairs & quarters for the pies, and with only a couple of changes, this is what I think I'm going with.  These will form the four corner quarter pies:

These are the whole pies:

These are the half-pies:

  And there is still one to be photographed; I wasn't very happy with the final combination of one pie:

so it's gone completely & I've substituted some nice oranges - but it's not pressed, so I'm not sharing.  

I've only sewn one whole pie together so far, but it didn't take very long, and the next big choice is what the backing fabric is going to be - My Lovely Ma has suggested a very light grey, which could be good, or I'm thinking a very small blue spot?  Suggestions welcome!

And now, dinner.  I'm having a toasted sandwich - we know how to live it up here in Golightly-land!


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  1. Hello

    Sorry, I'm rubbish at that sort of thing, I always think the answer is really obscure and ignore simpler possibilities!

    That is some large undertaking you have there - I admire your fortitude. But then you did say you wanted a challenge!

    I think the rationale behind the large, nay huge, doorstop is so you don't trip over it for the not seeing of it. Or to prevent the children using it practice shotputting. Or the dog from swallowing it. 'S very nice anyway!



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