Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sunday television is sh*t

Just thought I'd share that with you.  Mr G, having spent a busy day mowing the lawn for the first time in what looked like a decade, and then pruning the hedge between our eastern neighbour in preparation for a spring growth spurt, is sitting in his beanbag watching, simultaneously, the football score on his laptop, "Wipeout Australia" on the tv, and nibbling almonds whilst waiting for me to whip up a magnificent Sunday night repast of toasted sandwiches.  

I, on the other hand, have been extremely busy.  I went with my lovely wonderful MIL to the Mosman Town Hall today to an exhibition of embroidery, being held in Mosman Art Gallery, then we had a lovely fantastic lunch... then I came home and made these:

for lovely delightful Leanne at work... (note the lovely professional background?  It's the sewing machine cover - talk about classy)...

Edited to add:  I can't believe I used 'lovely' four times in two paragraphs.  Thanks, Baino, for pointing this out.  Woman, get thee to a Thesaurus!

Last week we were lucky enough to spend our long weekend in the freezing cold Hunter Valley - we went up on Friday night, and didn't come back until Monday night, because of course Monday last week was the August Bank Holiday - and Mr G & I both work in the Finance Sector, so we were both off!  

What'd we see?

Some interesting wildlife:

This guy stood there no more than 20 metres from us; he was at least 2 metres tall, and wasn't even slightly bothered by the dog.  He just watched us walk by, before walking (leaping?) off in his own time... 

A red-bellied black snake.  In freezing-cold August.  He, too, just sat there watching us, not bothered either.  Maybe the kangaroo & the snake were in league?

This was a kangaroo paw print.  Twice the size of my hand.  Maybe it belonged to the guy up the top?

These guys have just started their mating rituals, all twining necks and bobbing and weaving... looks like more swanlings on the way...

And a Sunday morning visitor, just a small one in comparison to the Saturday visitor - quite happily out the front of the house, nibbling away on the weeds... 

And how's this for a big tart?

Oh, pat me, please, pat me, pat me... 


  1. Lots of 'lovely's in there! Sounds like a very pleasant and productive weekend. Yeh, Sunday TV sucks alright, is it any wonder I'm an internet addict!

  2. Most nights on the tv seem to suck lately ! Love the dog though .


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