Sunday, 15 August 2010

Ooops there goes another one

Another follower has departed, back into the ether.  Any more of these departures without an explanation & I'm going to stop doing this, I swear.  It's quite interesting, actually, what motivates people to write a blog.  I started originally over on MySpace & I still have a profile, but I never update it.  It's a bit too much the Facebook sinkhole, where you get sucked in & never fight your way out.

The first few posts I wrote were about my Dad dying, and all the dramas I had to go through to sort out his estate - he died intestate, in a typically self-centred act, and left it to friends and family to clean up the mess.  Not so bad, really, you might think, except that we hadn't spoken for 27 years, so I was a bit surprised to find out that the NSW Police considered me to be the next of kin.  

The other thing that amazed me about the whole ugly mess was how they traced me - my Dad had the original Document of Identity that we travelled to Australia on, with our full names & dates of birth - assisted passage migrants didn't need passports, in those days.  In 1984 when I was sharing a flat in Fairlight with my good friend Deb, we were burgled and the Police attended.  When the Police ran my name from the Document of Identity through the computer in 2007, they were able to match me to the 1984 burglary, then found my current address in the electoral roll and phone book.  Scary.

Anyway, I found the whole experience surreal, and so I started writing the blog.  Then I started sticking in the craft stuff, with the occasional rant about life, the universe and everything, picked up a few followers here & there, and now they're dropping like flies.  Not that I wanted thousands like some bloggers, but I do like the feeling that somebody is out there listening - apart from friends, of course (hello MM & Kaz)... 

Other news?  Went to a nice 50th Birthday lunch today, and the weather was amazing - we had hail, rain, sunshine, gusts of wind and complete calm all in the space of an hour:

and... Sunday night television is still shit.  So, remaining gentle readers... off to bed.  Ciao!



  2. I am just glad I can see what you have been up to MM xo :)

  3. Big Brother is watching, so you aren't on your Pat Malone!!


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