Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Vote early, vote often...

The truly excellent Baino, over at Baino's Banter, has provided a comprehensive guide to the upcoming Federal (read 'national') election, which is being held on Saturday.  I, along with every other Aussie of eligible age, will be required to vote, because voting is required by law, just like in Italy, and New Zealand, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Fiji, Argentina and Uruguay, amongst others.  

It's just as well it's compulsory, because if it wasn't, no bastard here would vote, that's for sure.  The old saying about 'getting the guvinmint you deserve' is very true, because we wouldn't get one.  We surely deserve no government at all, when you look at what's on offer.  Ugly madmen and evil atheists, by all accounts.  I heard a woman on the radio say that our lives were going to go to rack & ruin if we elected an atheist to run the country.  Not quite sure why the PM's lack of belief in imaginary deities should mean we're all doomed... but who understands how the minds of the religious nutters work?

Not me, that's for sure.

Anyway, remaining gentle readers, I fly tomorrow to Perth, way out West, to visit my lovely Ma & Hank for a few days.  I will try to pop in the occasional post about life in the wild wild west, and progress on the Sydney Pies quilt,  plus whatever else we get up to.  No promises, mind, as my Ma always said when I was little.

And here's a little light relief while you're waiting:

It's an oldie but a goodie - the Prince Regent standing outside the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, hanging onto the remains of a bike - his?  Who knows!



  1. Yes Isabella, decisions, decisions...but wait, isn't there also the lovely person of greeness and gayness from Tasmania, Bob Brown in the mix??
    Imagine an athiest or deeply religious gay greenie running the joint (in budgie smugglers of course)....ah, we surely are the lucky country...given where I live the "Shooters & Fishers" party might get a look in...KAZZ

  2. Ha I wonder what happened to keeping state and Church separate. Yeh yeh all rather ho hum although we might get our first female PM out of it.Wonder if she'll do what most female pollies do and turn into a man. Have a blast in Perth!


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