Sunday, 24 October 2010

Button it up, baby

I had a lovely day yesterday at My Best Friend's house, helping the kidlets with a school project - I cannot believe what they want 10 year olds to do these days - they have to come up with a product, write a marketing strategy, do a presentation to the board, design a logo, then make the products, cost and price them and them sell them at a profit... they're ten years old, forchrissakes.  Anyway, the Kidlets decided to make fridge magnets, using 1 7/8" buttons and some squares from my 5" stash - they had a lot of fun:

Then we had a bit of fun choosing a new collar for Elliot, and we had Mia to help us - 

Mia has a bit of a ribbon fetish... as do I!

I also found a new button supplier on Etsy, who has all the buttons I ever wanted, and who is here in Australia!  Yay!  I lurve being able to get things locally...

What else?  I bought a lovely book by Joel Dewberry, "Sewn Spaces", which had a lovely birdy pattern in it, and hooray!, you can sell them items made from the patterns!!  I'm going to make some birds & see how they go in the shop - maybe a set on ribbon?  We'll see.  I've got to finish the Christmas trees for Kerry first, but progress is being made - but not today - I'm feeling a bit crap today so I spent most of the day as a horizontal zombie - so nice!

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  1. Project, Smoject!!...Next time you're here MGF's Isabella, Deborah & little kidlets please take a moment to check out the WINDCHIMES CIRCA 1994 still hanging outside our bedroom window made by YASTA (Young Australians Striving To Achieve...sponsored by QBE)...I'm pretty sure YOUNG ACHIEVERS is still a Corporate "responsibility",I guess they've just lowered the age from 15 to 10...give it a go little kidlets...sometimes it's only the BIG PEOPLE who think it's a bit much too ask...BUT, someone has to re-invent the wheel !!
    PS Best $24 I've ever spent


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