Thursday, 28 October 2010

Welcome, Newest Gentle Reader

Did I mention, Remaining Gentle Readers, that I was happy to see a new Gentle Reader join your discerning ranks?  How nice it is to have your company, ArtyGal, and how inspired I was by your running blog (not quite inspired enough to get off my lardy arse & join in, but inspired nonetheless!) - I gave up running after item #14 on the Life List of Things I Never Want to Do Again, Nosireebob - running is way too hard with fallen arches & pronating feet, you just keep falling over.  

I used to enjoy it, when I was a teenager, out with the dog(s) every day (only one at a time, sadly, we had Honey first, and after her (hit by a car), Chocky (came to us because her family was temporarily living in a caravan park & couldn't keep her)... pictures?  Sure:

Taken in 1973.  See, I knew how to take pictures even then.  Joke.  Honest.

I'd love a dog now, but Mr G quite rightly says it isn't fair to be out of the house 12 hours a day & leave a dog on its own, but MGF Kaz is working on convincing him that two dogs (Remember that great joke, the punchline of which is "why do you ask, Two Dogs Fu**ing?") would be fine together (No?  Ask nicely, I'll tell you it privately)... he's not convinced.  Maybe I would be better to dedicate some Sundays to spending time with the waifs and strays at Monica's Doggie Rescue???

And back on a crafting note, I have finished the four small trees, and I did a few gussying-up thingys on the Amy Butler one which I will post at some point today.. I showed them to two separate yet equally biased audiences yesterday, and all audience members seemed to think they were just the ticket, so hopefully Kerry The Beautician will be equally pleased. I plan to do nothing more complex than a little sparkly beading on the Japanese balls, as it is glorious enough already... but as always, suggestions welcome.

And that, for now, is it.  I'll be back when the sun is up, and after a pleasant cup of coffee with My Best Friend this morning.  Enjoy your day!


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  1. Thank you for the welcome - I'm a bit of a sporadic reader, but I do catch up! I noticed you followed my running blog - that's a bit of a side blog, my main one is the altered eye one - if you have a look on there you'll see a far more realistic view of me than some runner! I've also got a rarely updated decluttering blog which shows how committed I am to that!


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