Saturday, 6 November 2010

Man, I am so excited I could almost get out of bed

Fame at last, Gentle Readers, fame at last.  Autographs here, form an orderly queue, no pushing, there is plenty of me to go around (but considerably less than this time last year, I might add)...  an item of mine has been included in somebody else's treasury - the very lovely Natalie, from Humblebea on Etsy included my Joel Dewberry Christmas pouch in her Christmas Gift treasury.  

I'm under no illusions about the inclusion (so early, and yet so poetic), I think she might have felt obligated because I put her very beautiful linen napkin rings in my Smoke on the Water Treasury, but that was never my intention, you know that, Gentle Readers, I was just finding new and wonderful ways to fill my lonely empty days.  *snort*.

However, if there is some kind of Etsy etiquette about telling people you're putting their stuff in a treasury, nobody told me.  As each treasury contains 16 items, that's a lot of convo's.  In the time it takes to write, copy the links & send all 16 convos to the makers, you could have made another treasury.  Let them eat cake, I say.  Off with their heads.  (see, no breakfast yet, my efforts to push Mr Golightly out of bed & into the toast & tea-making machine have been entirely unsuccessful & I'm getting light-headed).

Oh, you want to see the pouch?  Didn't I post a picture the other day?  Oh well, here it is:

And now I can see that I didn't do a great job of pressing it after construction... oh well.  I suspect it was the volume of Dickens and the reciprocation obligation that really did it for her.... oh stop it.

And today lovely AJ from "A Peppermint Penguin" is having a sale of items at her friend's Quilt Studio, which sadly I don't have the address for, but if you're in Glasgow, and you see an interesting looking place selling beautifully hand-knitted mittens and shawls, pop in & say "Hi"!

And that, for me, is it.  I need to get up & do stuff.  About which, more.  Later.  


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  1. Thanks hen, but its actually in Dumbarton! Which is west of Glasgow along the A82 about 25mins. So, not far!!


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