Friday, 5 November 2010

New ways to waste time...

Yesterday I had lunch with a former colleague, a lovely man who manages to combine keeping me informed of all the hatches, matches and dispatches in the former office, good works and living two hours from the office (by train), and still staying relatively sane.  I have no idea how he does it.

Anyway, he floored me a bit by asking how I was filling my days, and you know what?  I found it a bit hard to come up with a sensible answer.  Then, this morning (note the time, Gentle Readers) as I was finding out a bit more about my last commenter, I saw that she had an Etsy Treasury displayed on her blog.  And I had a Eureka! moment - this is what I've been spending my days doing!  

I love that Etsy now lets anybody make Treasuries, they don't restrict it any more to some arbitrary number, but those of us with the urge to trawl the interweb looking for slime green budgie smugglers* can express their desires freely for all the world to see.

So, I will post some pics of the treasuries I have done over the last few days, if only I can work out how.  Help! (but here's a link until I do figure it out!)

Also, yesterday I bought a new camera strap from here and I think I need a tutorial on how to work it, I resisted the siren song of new t-shirts for (hah!) summer, and I got a parking ticket.  Shouldn't have spent all that money on the camera strap!

Anyway, it's time to get up now *snort* and get on with the day.  I forgot to buy milk yesterday, along with putting the free parking sticker on the car (see, too busy thinking about the camera strap), and so I can't have breakfast until the corner shop opens at 7.00am - I highly recommend staying away until after that.  Animals are always more placid after they've been fed!



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  1. Whadja mean Friday 5th November. No. I can't cope with clock lag of one hour back to GMT. I am *not* having tomorrow yet.

    Go away tomorrow - I have too much to do!!

    Can I skip straight through to maybe Monday? I might have it all done by then.

    (yes, I did say the *thing* is on Saturday!)


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