Saturday, 15 January 2011

Lost something?

Dinner last night at the Dinger's.  White wine in fridge, cooling.  Beer in fridge, ditto.  Red wine on bench/counter, waiting to go into cooler bag, and then into car.

Get phone call, Mr G is on the ferry.  Put wine into bag, put beer into cooler bag, hit the road.  Collect Mr G.  Hit the Dinger's house (not literally, of course), seek out white wine.  No sign. Mr G helpfully says "Bottle was in bag when beer went to ice". Seek out white wine.  No sign.  Go to laundry room where soft drinks sit under ice. Seek out white wine.  No sign. 

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Greet other friends, nibble, chat, drink Host's white wine (called, distressingly "Cock and Bull",  tasted OK but not my beautiful bottle of 2008 Chestnut Grove Verdelho).  Eat, drink somebody else's red wine, soft drink, chat, chat, chat, resume discussion of missing white wine.  Turns out Mr G only saw the red wine in the cooler bag.  

Betcha any money white wine is still in fridge!

Return home.  White wine in fridge.  Apologies issued all round.  Peace.

Ah, our life is soooo exciting.

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