Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Daily Nag

So, Gentle Readers, the lovely and erudite Peppermint Penguin (aka AJ, aka The Thick as a Plank One) wasn't kidding when she said she was going to remind me every single day to get off my slowly shrinking butt (7 kilos since Christmas, but who's counting?) and do something about getting a job with a real upholsterer .. which is fine, but really, AJ, Sundays???  I don't know any upholsterers {and this sentence could stop right there} who work on Sundays!

Anyway, I can't do any more about it until Tuesday, when I'm free again (Monday being a School day), but I will make a list today of Upholsterers in the district, and on Tuesday I will start making calls.  

Yesterday I took a couple of pictures of my nice dining room to share with you, just so you can share the joy of upholstery:

Not so nice, really.  Fabric everywhere, supplies everywhere, a half-finished drop-in seat and a half-finished footstool... I need a workshop!  Whilst on the way to School on Thursday morning, Miss Natalie had a brilliant idea about people with sheds... and I know one.  

Mr Golightly's lovely sister Miss Cathy has what we in Australia half-jokingly call a 'granny flat'* in her backyard.  It's got two rooms, a teeny tiny kitchen, a bathroom and a double carport out the front.  It's got "My New Upholstery Workshop" written all over it, only she doesn't know it yet. 

There's a small problem in that her Number One child and his partner are currently living in it (If you work for Warringah Council, forget you read this!), but I know they're going to move closer to lovely Miss L's work very soon, and then!  Shazam!   The makeover magic begins...and she has two chairs she wants recovering, so I think I could even do some kind of contra deal on the rent!  Maybe.  Maybe??

Anyway, I have to go & get dressed, partly because it's 0937, partly because I need coffee for my hangover, and partly because it's only 10°C/50°F and I'm freezing [read:  still in pyjamas], and I've got to get on with the present for He Who Cannot be Named... so, more, later!


*Small dwelling detached from the main house with the locks on the outside (just kidding).

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  1. You also have decisions to make and research to do, so you get no rest until completion ;-) Seven days in a week hen!

    Have spent weekend (another) with a busted pooter (same one) oh joy. I'd rather be sewing.

    Workshop - exciting!


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