Thursday, 19 May 2011

Today I... wagged school

That's a uniquely Aussie expression for 'didn't go to school' - the nice doctor peered down my throat yesterday, reeled back in horror at what she saw and immediately climbed into the lead-lined suit in case she picked it up herself.

Anyway, I spent an extremely lazy day today sleeping, knitting, reading (just started Hanging Hill, by Mo Hayder, one of my favourite authors - got it via Amazon/Kindle for US$7.95, a tiny bit cheaper than A$39.99 at the local bookstore) and ignoring the 'Present that cannot be named', which is now waiting for its b********.  

Yesterday I spent a pleasant day with MBF before frightening the doctor, and on the way home from Town on Tuesday, where I had a quasi-farewell lunch with Miss Mary, who is off to the UK for an undefined period, I bought some this:

Sugar Pop - Mod Buds In Brown cotton quilting fabric by Liz Scott for Moda Fabrics - 1 yard
and some of this:

Beige and Brown Stripes - Japanese fabric (0.5 yard)

One of which will go on the 'Present that cannot be named" and one of which won't.  Sorry, no prizes.

I also made discreet inquiries of Miss Mary regarding her car, which is somewhat larger than the Silver Flash, and a stationwagon, or estate car to boot (no pun intended), or whatever they're called where you live - and she's offering it up for a very good price, so some kind of trade may be made.  I did offer up Mr Golightly, but she demurred gently, saying she couldn't fit him in the luggage.  Shame, that.

It's the ideal size for picking up furniture, a practice I am going to go into RSN.  Miss Rosie from School has told me about a Secret Squirrel warehouse way out west where bargains may be had, all of which need love and attention of the upholstery kind.  Our garage is about to overflow...

MGF Kaz just rang me to say they've been in the beautiful Hunter Valley 17 years today, so 
I may have to make a tribute Treasury & put it on the blog... stay tuned.  And that's it for me, Gentle Readers.  I have to go now & cook dinner for Mr G, who is going to come thumping up the steps any minute, catching me wasting my time once again.  Tote that barge, lift that bail, hey?  Back to upholstery school to bang in the nail.  Love it!


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  1. If you are off with the lurgy, that's not the same thing as 'doggin it' which is what they say here (or used to when I was wee, but I never did, where was I?)

    Guarisce presto.

    First it was a present for He who shall not be named, now it's the Present that shall not be named? MI5 craft division.

    made any good lists lately?



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