Saturday, 30 July 2011

Cat? What cat?

Look at me, I'm tired.  Don't look at me , I'm tired.  Look away, I'm tired.  No matter how I look at it, I'm tired.  Five nights being woken at 3.30am by the cat, three mornings getting up at 5.30am,  two mornings of starting at 5.30am and working through until 9.30pm (with two whole breaks of 30 minutes each in between), and then hitting the sack at 10.40pm, and guess what?  I'm tired.

We're cat-sitting for my lovely MIL*.  It isn't the best thing I've ever done, because, by and large, I'm not a fan of cats.  There have been cats in my dim & distant past whose company I've enjoyed in passing, but I've never offered one a place at my table, nor am I likely to.  I side with whoever it was who said "Dogs have owners, cats have staff".  Currently, Mr Golightly and I are butler and housekeeper to Munchkin, he of the beautiful blue eyes (photo somewhere, too tired to find it), whilst the current provider of food and board to the beautiful spoilt one is in Queensland, defrosting.

Anyhoo, the return of my WMIL* is imminent (Monday), and I've just had three glorious hours of afternoon nap, and I feel almost hooman** again.  I still wouldn't have a cat though.

Progress is being made on the latest chair, it is currently covered by extremely ugly orange fabric, and I have really enjoyed the Monday & Wednesday night classes at Upholstery School - we are lucky enough to have a fantastic teacher those nights, and I'm quite sure I learn more because he's so enthusiastic about what he's doing!

And finally, Gentle Readers, some of you may have noticed that my output has dramatically dropped off, and I think it's only fair to warn you that until I get into the groove of starting early, having two night classes and some semblance of life beyond that, there isn't going to be much more.  So, I'm officially signing off for a while, until I can dredge up some more energy!

Take care of your loved ones!


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