Sunday, 17 July 2011

Tempus is doing that thing again...

Flying, that is.  Tempus Fugit.  Time flies.  Ah, the paucity of public education.

So, Gentle Readers, I have survived my first week back at the August Institution, and although I know it was a bit cruisey because it was my first week, it was nice & cruisey.  I had one-to-one meetings with people, I carted in stuff to personalise my desk, I ordered a footrest, I pined for upholstery school (only 3 more days, including today), and I bought this:

And hopefully, when we go with the car today, we'll be able to fit at least some of it in!

And!  This:

Which isn't working, but may only need a service and some oil.  Hopefully.

Anyway, we're going off this morning (as soon as Mr Golightly raises his head from the warm and comfortable pit he's in, aka the bed) to try & disassemble  the machine from the table, so we can get it into the car.  Otherwise it's a ute, a portalift & copious amounts of swearing:

Anyway, I've found a website which has manuals for sale, and I've paid my money via PayPal, so we're just waiting now for the email to show up... hopefully it'll show us how to take the thing off the table... and then all we have to do is try to get it in the house.  I'll keep you posted!



  1. Well done and how exciting. Maybe your sewing room will soon start to resemble mine (which is NOT a good thing except for the fact that no-one else in family now goes anywhere near it because it's so alarmingly disgusting).
    Re. dissembly of machines, etc. I recommend you search locally for a sewing machine mechanic and make good friends with him/her - you'll learn heaps and it will be worth the money spent to save you carting those heavy things around. Also - unless you're already exp'd in threading overlockers - you'll probably need him/her to show you. I did when I bought mine, and I consider it money very well spent.

  2. we used them at college - with a technician just down the hall. Good luck!!

    time flies like an arrow
    fruit flies like a banana


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