Friday, 1 July 2011


Oh yeah, if all of you people who are popping in to view my Lined Box Pouch tutorial would leave some feedback, I'd be very happy.  It would be nice to know if you found it useful, useless, too long, too short, not enough pics, too many pics... something!  I keep seeing people pop onto the page from there, but nobody ever says hello!

Come on now, don't be shy, we're all friends here.  Or we will be if you bring the cake and watch where you sit!  But at least there's plenty of chairs :-).




  1. Hello Dammit.
    There. Does that make you happy? But sorry I have NO idea what you're going on about re. lined box tutorial. I ain't seen it, but it sounds wonderful so please tell me where/what etc.?

  2. OK, hello then! It's here:

    It shows how to make a fully-invisibly-lined box pouch. I haven't seen another tutorial on the net that shows exactly how it's done, and although I'm quite sure I didn't think of it first, lots of people are popping over to look but not telling me anything about it (you know, good, bad, indifferent) or even a 'wow, aren't you clever!!!.

    PS Love your name!!!

  3. I believe I mentioned the "wow aren't you clever" some time ago. Bears repeating.

    What's with the chair eyecandy that begins with p?

    I think you could redo your tute to make it separate from the other stuff in that post that was relevant at the time and stick it on a static page at the top of your blog. But technique? - Wow, aren't you clever!

  4. Yes, to give the Peppermint Penguin her due, she did tell me I was clever at the time. Thank Miss AJ.

    I stuck the gorgeous chairs on the post because I don't like not having something for you to ogle, and it's also to remind me that there is a long-term goal... I tried to move the tutorial but my brain is too full. I'm going to have another go at it tomorrow, after more sleep.

    Hope all is well over there in lovely warm summer ;-)


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