Friday, 1 July 2011

il mio problema è rifinito!

Finally, Gentle Readers, our issues with the router are fixed (apparently).  I feel the pain and suffering of Mr Golightly, who had to deal with not one, not two, not three but four, yes four, links in the chain of service - his IT colleagues, Exetel, Telstra and then AAPT.  Isn't it good to know our telecommunications are safe in the hands of some stinkin' multi-national?

However, at the risk of being disconnected again, I won't go any further than that.  Even the VOIP works, which is great, because our phone bill was creeping up again - we pay about $13/month for the VOIP, which charges a whole 10c for a National call (to Perth, for example), and has reduced our landline bill down to the basic line rental charge for many months now.

If you can do it, Gentle Readers, and you live in this country (that's Australia, in case you've forgotten), talk to Engin about a voice box.  It connects to your wireless broadband modem (or wired, even) with a network cable, and with the aid of an ordinary telephone handset plugged into the voice box, gives you access to the cheapest national phone calls you can imagine.  I love it because it lets me keep in constant contact with my lovely Ma for peanuts.  This is an unsolicited, unscripted ad.  Can you tell?  

In other news, it was my good friend Doc Rosie's birthday on Wednesday - I've known her 27 years, which amazes me.  We've been through quite a lot together, and I am still amazed and awed by her basic human decency and her ability to tell dirty jokes - the first one she ever told me, about Maud and Mildred and the bunch of flowers, still pops into my head at the most inopportune times..

Anyway, I made her these:

Which I hope will hit the spot - aren't those fabrics lovely?

And now, having just spoken to my lovely Ma on the VOIP, and having a number of jobs I can do today, I am going off to shower (yes, it' only 10.37am, I don't want to rush into it!) and then pick a job at random.  I can see new curtains on the horizon...


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