Sunday, 26 June 2011

La sedia è rifinita

The chair is finished, Gentle Readers, long live the chair.  Also, the semester is finished, my time off is finished, and it's all out, all change.

Here's how the chair ended up looking:

I think I'm happy with it.  It's for sale, if anybody wants it.  

In other news, I have accepted an invitation to take up a role as the manager of a team of lovely bodies out at the August Institution, starting on 11th July.  I was very flattered to be asked, especially as my last engagement with that August Body ended fairly badly (remember the mind-reading woman?  One day I will tell you a very funny story about how last week I had a nice petty-minded moment of revenge at her expense, but that story's not for today!)... Although I must add for the sake of probity, I did have to go through not one, not two, but three interviews, to get the job...

I have to say my feelings about going back to real work are very mixed... I've really enjoyed just pottering round at home, being chief cook and bottle-washer, making nice dinners (some days) and having time on the weekends just to spend with Mr Golightly, without the spectre of washing & housework hanging over us, but I have told Mr G that the cleaner, who has of course been coming along very quietly for the last 9 months, will be coming in full view now.  His only comment was "better put your good teapots away then".  What an easy victory that was!

And now, Gentle Readers, I am going to lie down in front of the fire with my copy of "Icefalcon's Quest", by one of my favourite authors, Barbara Hambly, and eat cheese.  What more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon?



  1. Brava! La sedia è fantastico!

    So what ya gonna do from here til the 11th of July? That's pure ages! Enough time to knock up a couple more chairs ;-P

    I have 3 words for you


  2. Emma Chisit????


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