Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Squeeeezing in a post...

Just to let you know, Gentle Readers, I have found the time today to squeeze in the following:

Make a flask of coffee
Pick up lunch out of fridge
Pick up upholstery stuff out of car
Let Miss Natalie drive to TAFE (her turn today)
Sit in warm car for 25 minutes waiting for the workroom door to open
Spend an extremely frustrating day putting my cover on and taking it back off again to the satisfaction of the child minder they give us on Tuesdays instead of a teacher...
Leave early
Get home early
Do a load of washing
Sweep the kitchen floor
Empty the kitchen bin
Put the garbage/trash/rubbish bins out
Cook dinner
Empty the suitcases from the weekend & put them into the spare bedroom, for Mr G to put in the roof
Talk to my lovely Ma, who has purchased these:

And this is the state they were in:

And I'm going to reupholster them when I go over at the beginning of October...

And I've sold two pouches to a lovely person in the US, who also bought some of these:

So, perhaps life is returning to normal?  This is a very good lesson for me on what can be achieved if I leave work at 4.00pm instead of 4.45pm.

And after all that, how are you all, Gentle Readers?  I've missed talking to you, I admit.  I know that only a few of you hardy souls ever comment, but I know you're out there, still checking in, and I appreciate that, especially over the last few weeks (well, since I went back to almost full-time work, really)... 

Anyway, it's back to work, as I have to check on Dinner.  See, a Golightly's work is never done!  Ciao!


  1. they won't always be days like these, and good on ya for sticking out till 4pm. Just remember - teachers come and go and the next one is going to be much betterer than this one and you'll be glad you stuck with it.

  2. Thanks guys, it's really nice to be able to squeeze in a post & know "somebody" is going to read it. And yes, Chairy Godmother, I know that in not too long a time, the Child Minder will be gone & we'll have a real teacher again. Yay!

    Also, I forgot to add, unloaded, loaded, ran & unloaded again, the dishwasher. Phew.

  3. And I can't wait to receive those bags and birds! Glad you're back!


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