Sunday, 4 September 2011

Routinely bad...

So, Gentle Readers, it really is time for me to get my merda together and get back into some semblance of a routine.  The house looks like a bomb has hit it, there's nothing in the fridge, there's clean washing all over the house, there's dust all over the floors, there are piles of stuff to go to the charity shop, magazines and books to go to the library  and the only clean thing is my bathroom, because I can't stand a dirty bathroom.  Where's the cleaner, now that I'm working, hmm?

Trouble is, it's all built up a bit in the first 2 months of working, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all.  

Mr Golightly has been absolutely no help because he has been, and is now, in the final stages of making this, which is going to turn our pretty much unused guest bedroom into a workroom for me, until we can come up with the $40k needed to excavate our under-house space & turn that into a workroom for both of us!  Then, he can help with the house.  Maybe.

My lovely Ma spent some quality time in an institution known as a hospital, and I felt frustrated and angry that I couldn't just pop over to be there, like I could when I wasn't working.  

Because I'm working a 9 day fortnight, I've been going to upholstery school on my off day, and then on two nights in the alternate week, and that's left me pretty much exhausted.  My etsy shop is still open & I've been selling stuff, slowly, and one of my customers from 2009 has just popped up again with some custom requests, so that's got to fit into the schedule somehow...

The new job is good, but I need to stop going in at 0700 and still being there at 1645 - that's just ridiculous.  I seem to be more productive in the afternoons, so maybe I should start at 10.00am?  Maybe.  

Last weekend I spent a fruitless afternoon trying to re-cover a piece of furniture for MGF* Kaz, and we are going back to the Hunter Valley next weekend so I can finish that off... it's a bit of a tale of woe...

No, I think I'll save it for another post.  But we did have some nice morning weather:

And I had some lovely news, my good friend Clare, from Lulu Carter, is having a baby.  I know she's wanted another baby for a long long time, and I'm thrilled for her.  Her lovely sister, Alix, also had a baby this year, and that's adding to my guilt because I have things to send and can't get myself organised enough to send them off in the post.  Gah! 

Anyway, that's it.  I've got to go and fold, wash, clean, sweep, dust, put away, tidy and shop.  Ick.  I'd rather be sewing.


*My Good Friend

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