Saturday, 10 December 2011

Don't look too closely, but...

It's 11.47am on Saturday & I'm sitting down to write a blog post.  I woke at 5.50am, got up & had breakfast then fiddled with my phone for about an hour (no wonder my data download bill was so high in November!), then I crawled back into bed to warm my cold feet on Mr Golightly's lovely warm calves, and slept until 8.15, when I crawled back out, threw on clothes & helped Mr Golightly load the industrial overlocker (which we acquired at the same time as the industrial sewing machine) into Mr Jared's van.  Mr Jared does upholstery school with me, and he's very good.  

Anyway, I've got one of the seat covers I foolishly offered to make in June for Miss Alix in London still to make.  That's a hell of a sentence, isn't it?  I had a bit of a mental block with the second one, didn't seem to matter what I did I couldn't get it to fit.  Anyway, I skipped out of the work Christmas Party to come home & get it fixed, which I did... and now I have one left to make.  

I've made a Christmas doorstop for the lovely lady at the Beautician, along with cutting out a bunch of dollies, which I'm trying to make for the children of people I work with,  and I'm going to spend all of tomorrow making them.  

And since then, Gentle Readers, I've had a nap, a night's sleep, an excellent roast beef dinner at MBF's house, scrambled eggs & bacon for breakfast with two excellent cups of coffee (thank you Bilgola Deli) and have finished both the last seat cushion cover (yay!) and three dollies. 

I realised when I was about to make the fourth one that the work christmas party is not on until the 23rd, and although I don't have to go, I am on holidays & can drop off the dollies then, which means I can also make enough for all the children - I got up to identifying seven  (Jackson, Joshua, Zoe, Abbey, Chloe, Charlie & Charlie's sibling) and my bosses two kids who are a fair bit older... and then I went... phew.  I can't do all this tonight, so next week (when I've got some time off) I can throw myself into it.

Here's some pictures of the effort so far:

Notice they're all a bit... odd?  Some are odder than others, which is all good.  They're all made form the same pattern but with different scraps from the scrap box.  Nothing new was cut up to make these guys... except maybe some rik-rak.  I like.  I'm thinking of offering for sale, maybe if I open my shop again next year.  Price indicators, anyone?


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  1. I love the dolls!

    Your ebay store looks so lonely. : (


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