Friday, 2 December 2011

The list...

This is the time of year when people make lists.  Most people make lists of things they'd like for the Festivals that abound at the end of the year... some people, like me, make lists of the things they haven't done yet, and that they really really need to do before the end of another set of opportunities (read "year") flies by.  

So, in the interests of depressing myself even further, here is my list, along with some indication of when I said I would deliver.

1.  Pouch for Anne-Marie (18 months ago)
2.  Cushions for Mr Golightly's Big Sis (17 months ago)
3.  Cushions for Lyndsey (6 months ago)
4.  Seat covers for Mrs Autrey (at least 9 months ago)
5.  Dog for Effie in Canada (only Monday)
6.  Pouch for MBF's children's piano teacher (3 months ago)
7.  Pouch for MBF's children's dance teacher (ditto)
8.  Cushion for MGF Kaz (who knows, so long ago I've forgotten)
9.  Dolls for the children of people in my team (2 months ago).
10.  Christmas Scarf for Clare in the UK.
11.  Christmas Gift for Gill in the UK.
12.  Welcome gift for Mrs Autrey's baby (knitted but not wrapped or posted).
13.  Welcome gift for Clare's baby (not even started).
14.  Kris Kringle gift for friend at lunch on Sunday*.

I'm sure there's more.  I'm beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed by all this.  I need to stop doing a few things, and spend more time actually sitting down at the sewing machine, rather than in the coffee shop.  Tomorrow would have been a perfect day to do this, being Saturday and all, but here's the schedule:

8.00am - haircut & colour in Newport.
10.30am - drive to Dee Why for x-ray of jaw.
11.00am - xray of jaw.
11.15am - drive home.  Go up to MBF's house to belatedly help with Birthday decorations for Miss Nelly's birthday party.
12noon - Madly wrap presents before Nephew arrives for Birthday Lunch at the Arms.
3.00pm - home to start on next round of sewing (see items in list above for a clue which one I'll be doing first - *pick me*) - any suggestions as to what I can make the friend?  Quickest and easiest is jumbo lavender bags...

The chair continues apace, but I was one day short of finishing it.  The front border is on though:

and all that remains is the two outside arms, the piping (all 1.68m of it) and the back, which has to be handstitched into place.  Guess I'll be going back next year after all.  Actually, Lucas, the fabulous night-class teacher was very encouraging & suggested I enroll, then at least if I do want to carry on after I finish this chair, I can turn up from time to time with projects and work on them at my own speed.   I like the sound of that.

And now, Gentle readers, it is 01.04am, and I have to be up at 0700 to prepare for another long day, so I am going to leave you with the pictures of the first two children's softies I made, which went to a very good home:

See?  There are aliens among us.



  1. Hello--I made the list--and I'm so excited that I did...
    I love those Russian dolls--a Secret Santa recipient would surely love those too...or a couple fridge magnets along with a pad of note paper...Don't stress yourself out! You do have an awfully long "To Do" list though--looks kinda like mine... :)


  2. That list is depressing. Mainly cos I could write one very similar.

    I'm not going to do that. Life is grim enough!

    Why are you x-raying your jaw? Hope it's nothing too dreadful.

    Yes, must spend more time at the sewing machine. My overlocker just got serviced!

    I'm appliqueing letters on a thing... there are 10 I've done 6, 4 to go. But you knew that. You can add.



  3. Sympathies for your list-itis. Mine's on a blackboard in my workshop and stares at me every time I enter the room or even turn my head. I think it was probably a very stupid idea to make it so prominent (I naively thought if I did it might actually make me work on the projects!).
    Love the way the tubby chair is coming along, but I would like to make a positive critiicism to do with the arm 'buttons'. Am I allowed or would it cause you stress?


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