Sunday, 23 September 2012

Morecombe, Mumbai, Malden

Well, hello there!  I love seeing the list of cities and countries that pop up down the bottom of my blog - it's actual proof that there is life on other planets... 

I've been busy doing the usual frack, working, driving, sleeping... and yet more sleeping.  I've booked in for a sleep study on Tuesday, after seeing the specialist.  Lovely man, probably the nicest doctor I've ever dealt with.  You know sometimes they can be arrogant pricks?  Not this one.  He took a comprehensive history of my sleeping habits, the increasing need to sleep at weird and wonderful times, and the constant tiredness.  Words like 'snoring', 'loud vigorous snoring' and 'snorting' were discussed, along with the couple of times in my life when I've woken up feeling completely paralysed - it's a weird feeling - apparently you're actually not awake, you just think you are.  

Anyway, the word 'narcolepsy' was eventually raised, along with the doctor's eyebrows, especially when he heard about me having to have sleep in the carpark before starting work (lucky for me it's an underground carpark) because I've barely been able to keep my eyes open on the drive in...

I try to go to be in bed by 10.00pm most nights, and the alarm used to go off at 0530, and I'd be out the door by 0630.  Now, I can't even wake up till about 0620, and sometimes I go back to sleep and wake up at 0700, meaning I don't get to work until 0900.  It sucks. 

In other exciting news, I made a 1600 Quilt - using the very beautiful Lumiere De Noel fabrics from moda - one of my favourites.  I've left it at My Lovely Ma's, because I'm avoiding the 20 year long tradition of Festival of the Boot at The Boxes, and I'm going back to Perth for another long weekend, leaving Poor Mr Golightly behind.    Mixed blessings, hey?

And now, Gentle Readers, it's time for bed.  Buona notte!


  1. Hi Isabella,
    I just read your post about needing more and more sleep and it really rang a bell with me because I've been through that too. Have you had any blood test? Especaially for a mosquito virus called Barmah Forrest Virus? If you haven't have a chat with your doctor and ask them to check it for you, the symptoms are extreme fatigue and muscular pains (among others) and it is quite common in the Newcastle, central coast and hunter valley areas.
    Fingers crossed your sleep study goes well for you.


    1. Thanks Natalie. I had a whole bunch of things looked at, but I must admit that wasn't one of them - I've had a few sandfly bites (posted somewhere on here) so maybe I got a Barmah Forrest mozzie while I was at it!

  2. well don't you lead an exciting life!

    For some reason I always think narcolepsy is such an interesting sound word that I equate it with kleptomania - I know they are entirely different and I dont' mix them up, I just think they go together as words.

    which is complete nonsense and I'm probably confusing the heck out of you.

    mebbe you have that apnoea thing instead. whatever it is I hope they can help you!

    1. Thanks, me too. I just finished washing all the glop out of my hair, and I've got a couple of nice patch-shaped bruises here & there, but I actually slept quite well, amazingly. Maybe it's all Mr Golightly's fault, and he's the one who keeps me from sleeping? Ah!


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